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Common name Blue Mussels
Latin name Mytulis Edulis

The Blue mussel (Mytulis edulis), a species native to Irish waters, is one of the main species cultivated by the Irish aquaculture Industry. It thrives in the cold temperature waters of the Irish coast.


Common Name Oysters
Latin Name Crassostrea gigas

These are cultivated Rock oysters sourced from local oyster growers in the West coast of Ireland. The oval frilly-shelled Pacific oyster, was introduced into Ireland about 40 years ago due to a decline of the native stocks and is now the main species in Ireland. Like mussel farming, oyster cultivation is a benign form of aquaculture as the oysters take their nourishment naturally from the sea – a process that depends on the highest quality water for its success.


Common Name Surf Clam
Latin name Spisula Solida

Wild surf clams are sourced from Galway Bay or locally. Surf clams are cream in colour and have a triangular shaped shell. They are a small clam species very popular in the Italian dish Spaghetti Vongole.

Razor Clams

Common name Razor Clam
Latin name Ensis ensis

Our wild razor clams are sourced in West of Ireland. A razor clam has two valves which are held together by a strong ligament along one side. The ends are open like a tube and the flesh within is firm and white. They are smooth and tasty when properly prepared. They can be used in chowder or baked. They are ideal for smoking or simply add to a shellfish soup or paella. Similar to cooking squid, it is best not to overcook them, as it will become leathery. The rule of thumb is fast and furious or long and slow. Some prefer to eat them raw.



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